The Celebration of The Holy Mass

Monday - 12:05 pm; Tuesday - 6:00 pm; Wednesday - 12:05 pm & 6:00 pm; Thursday 9:00 am, Missa Tridentina 6:00 pm;

Friday - 9:00 am; Saturday 9:00 am, Vigil 5:30 pm; Sunday 8:30 am, High Mass 10:30 am, Spanish 12:30 pm.

About Our Parish

Humble Beginnings

The Catholic tradition of faith in Texarkana began in the 1870's when a French missionary priest, Father Theodore Buffard, with Mass kit and vestments packed in his saddle bags, traveled by horseback from Galveston to Northeast Texas to bring together its scattered Catholics. Mass was celebrated in various locations including the home of Colonel R. W. Rodgers, a founder of Texarkana.

Thus was Sacred Heart Catholic Church established as a parish in the Diocese of Galveston, then the See City of Texas, with Fr. Buffard as its first pastor. The first church building was erected at Third and Spruce Streets, with the first Mass celebrated at midnight, December 24, 1874. In later years the first organized school in the city of Texarkana was built and known as Sacred Heart Academy and remained an integral part of the community for years. In the mid 1870's a plot of ground was donated to the church by Colonel Rodgers, which was designated as Sacred Heart Cemetery.

In subsequent years, acreage on Elizabeth Street was donated to the parish and Holy Cross Cemetery was established. The Church also acquired additional land at this site following a fire in July, 1957, which heavily damaged the original church. Our present church building was constructed, along with a rectory and later a parish center. Not wishing to forget their humble beginning's, the parishioners placed the corner stone from the original building in the entrance way of the parish center during its construction.  The first Mass in the new church was celebrated at midnight on Christmas Eve, 1961, 87 years to the day a Catholic tradition began in Texarkana.

Looking to the Future

In 2010, Sacred Heart underwent a remodel of the main sanctuary and added a narthex that brought the old entrance, with the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, into the center of the room. The narthex includes a chair lift to the choir loft, upgraded restrooms, a cry room which doubles as a bride's room and an enlarged sacristy which will accommodate visiting priests and clergy during special ceremonies.

The religious articles display counter was relocated and a storage room for additional religious articles was added. The main entrance to the church features oversized wooden doors adorned with images of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The wood for the adornments was selected by Mr. Ed. Felps, a long time parishioner and hand-carved by his son-in-law, Mr. Bill Bauer, also a parishioner of Sacred Heart. The adornments were donated to Sacred Heart by Amanda and Bill Bauer after completion.

A porte-cochère was built off center of the main church entrance for loading and unloading and attaches to a covered walkway from the front entrance to the parish center. The remodel was competed and rededicated in November 2011 by The Most Reverend Alvaro Corrada S.J., Apostolic Administrator for the Diocese of Tyler in the presence of The Most Reverend Michael J. Sheehan Archbishop of Sante Fe, New Mexico and the Reverend Msgr. Xavier Pappu.

Sacred Heart has remained a part of Texarkana, Texas for over 139 years. The Catholic Community has been a leader of firsts in the area with construction of the first church, the first organized school and the first brick building in the city. Our mission of "being called to live and share the message of Jesus Christ through spirituality, hospitality, service, education and with respect for life" continues to be our driving force. May God continue to bless us in our journey. 

The Pastors of Sacred heart Catholic Church:

1871 - Rev. Theodore Buffard

1879 - Rev. P. A. Levy

1879 - Rev. Alexis Barbin

1904 - Rev. Edward F. Campbell

1909 - Rev. James M. Hayes

1914 - Rev. Rev. B. Boniface Spanks, O.S.B.

1917 - Rev. Robert J. Hutcheson, March to June

1917 - Rev. Joseph R. Allard, June to October

1917 - Rev. John Maher

1919 - Rev. W. Frank O'Brien

1940 - Rev. Walter C. Bojniewicz

1945 - Rev. W. Frank O'Brien

1948 - Rev. Clair E. McTamney

1954 - Rev. Walter C. Bojniewicz

1968 - Rev. Robert Johnson

1977 - Rev. Jerome Duesmen

1981 - Rev. Steven W. Thomas

1984 - Rev. Robert Crisp

1985 - Rev. Frank Zakshesky

1993 - Rev. Msgr. Gerald Priest

2010 - Rev. Msgr. Xavier Pappu

2012 - Rev. Michael J. Adams